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Best Place to Practice & Grow

If you are a Doctor, then Doctorlogy is the best platform for you. You can start your online medical practice here and see it growing.

Consult beyond boundaries

You can now consult patient not only from your own city but across cities and states. You can consult patients across India.

Review patient health records

While consultation, doctors can view health records filled in by patients to enable better diagnosis and prescription.

Consult from anywhere

Geographical locations are no more of importance in global digital economies. You can be anywhere, at your home, clinic, hospital or on a holiday, you can still stay connected and consult your patients from anywhere.

Secured and private

Your personal profile, contact information or any other sensitive data is kept secured and confidential. The prescriptions that you write are kept secured and private to your patients.

Your online consultation clinic

Doctorlogy is the perfect platform to start your online consultation practice. It provides the best and latest technology of live video streaming so that you can see your patients in real-time.

Website & mobile applications

Doctorlogy platform services are available for all through its website and android application. We deliver services to devices including iphone, ipad, android, windows devices and desktop PCs.


All e-prescriptions are in compliance with the norms set by Medical Council of India (MCI), Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Food and Drugs Administration of India (FDA).

Verify and gain trust

Doctorlogy manually verifies all doctor account registrations to ensure quality. Please help us in getting yourself verified which in return will help the patients to establish trust on you.

Consult anytime

You have the flexibility to choose your own time. You can consult in the morning, afternoon, evening or late night, it’s all up to you. You can also give appointments to your patients based on your convenience. You can always change your profile status based on your availability.

National exposure

Being a verified doctor at Doctorlogy, instantly gives you an exposure on a national basis. Consumer patients from all over India can see your work profile and reviews making your reputation spread across the country.

Listing under your speciality

On successful registration, your profile listing will be displayed within the area of your speciality. This will help the patients to find you easily when they need you the most.

Consultation reporting

In your account, detailed statistics on the consultation history and fees collected will be reported.

Doctorlogy is the best and most transparent online patient consultation platform in India.

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